7 Wonders: Construct a Wonder with all its might

7 Wonders - Build your civilization outdoing others


Build a civilization that has all the ingredients to become a Wonder.

Players: 2-7 players

Gametime: 30-45 minutes


Set up the game

  • Distribute 7 cards to each player.
  • Choose a wonder board and corresponding side for each player.
  • Place the Age I cards in a face-down pile.

Draft cards and build your civilization

  • Choose a card from your hand and play it.
  • Pass the remaining cards to the next player.
  • Repeat until all but one cards have been played.
  • Use resources and gold to build structures, create armies, and advance your civilization.

Score points

  • Award points based on the structures you build and the military conflicts you win.
  • Some cards also award special abilities and bonuses.
  • The game is played over three ages, and scores are tallied at the end of each age.

Manage resources and military conflicts

  • Resources are required during the game to build structures and advance your civilization.
  • Military conflicts occur between neighboring civilizations and are won by having a stronger army.
  • Players can also trade resources with neighboring civilizations.

Win the game

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  • Earn points through structures, military conflicts, and special abilities.

Here is a video from Rodney Smith teaching us how to play 7 Wonders


One of highest rated board game in our collection and of course by players around the world, 7 Wonders is a visually pleasing and constructively strategic game. It is fairly easy to learn but difficult to master. With a combination of strategy and some bit of luck, there is a thrill to outsmart the decisions made by your opponents. Moreover, the ability to play with 7 people makes it a terrific game for the night. While it can be played under a reasonable amount of time, we would suggest to take it slow and learn the basics, because the following games you play can be then be made more exciting.

Difficulty: Medium

Likeness: 86%


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