Chronicles of Crime: Sherlock Holmes meets Silicon Valley

Chronicles of Crime - Sherlock in 21st century


Chronicles of Crime is not just a game; it’s an interactive crime-solving extravaganza. So, gear up, grab your magnifying glass (or VR glasses), and prepare to be the detective hero you were always destined to be.

Players: 1-4 players

Gametime: 60-90 minutes


Set Up the Game

  • Lay out the game board and place the starting location tile in the center.
  • Create the character deck by shuffling the character cards and placing them face down.
  • Shuffle the item cards and place them in a face-down deck.
  • Set up the Evidence board, VR glasses, and the time marker on the appropriate spaces.
  • Choose a scenario to play and set it up according to the scenario’s instructions.


  • The game is played in real-time with the help of an app. Use a smartphone or tablet and download the “Chronicles of Crime” app.
  • The app will provide details about the case and locations to visit.
  • Place your character and the QR codes representing items or locations on the board.
  • Scan the QR codes with the app to gather information, question characters, and search for clues.
  • Communicate with other players and discuss the information you discover.

Collect Evidence

  • As you investigate, collect evidence cards related to the case. These might be items, characters, or locations.
  • Use the VR glasses to examine the evidence more closely in the app.
  • Discuss your findings with other players and connect the dots to unravel the mystery.
  • Pay attention to the app’s prompts and follow the leads provided.

Question Characters

  • Interrogate characters by scanning their QR codes with the app.
  • Ask them questions, present evidence, and make choices based on the information you gather.
  • Characters might provide crucial information or lead you to other locations or suspects.
  • Keep in mind that time is limited, and you need to use it wisely.

Solve the Case

  • Work with your fellow players to piece together the clues and solve the case.
  • Share your theories and evidence with the group.
  • When you believe you’ve gathered enough information to solve the case, use the app to make your final accusation.
  • The app will provide feedback, and if you’re correct, you win the game. If not, keep investigating until you uncover the truth.

Here is a video from Rodney Smith teaching us how to play Chronicles of Crime


Chronicles of Crime is a nosedive into a world of crime-solving where Sherlock Holmes meets the digital age. Imagine being a detective, but cooler—you have an app, virtual reality glasses, and the power to scan QR codes like a high-tech superhero. It’s like being in a crime drama where the script is made up on the spot, and you’re the improv master.

The game takes cooperative to a whole new level. You and your pals are essentially a detective squad, trying to outwit the app and crack the case. It’s like playing Clue, but instead of Professor Plum, it’s you, in your living room, scanning evidence with VR glasses. You’ll catch yourself saying things like, ‘Hand me the VR glasses, Watson!’—pure detective drama at its finest. Strategizing in this game is like planning the ultimate heist, except you’re stealing clues and solving mysteries. Communicate with your fellow detectives—share info, debate theories, and argue why Colonel Mustard couldn’t possibly be the murderer. Time is your nemesis, so allocate it wisely. A hurried detective is a confused detective, and confusion doesn’t catch criminals. Don’t let the technology overwhelm you; embrace it like your detective alter ego. The app is your sidekick, not the boss. Also, VR glasses are cool, but they don’t make you immune to bad guesses. Think before you accuse; a false accusation might cost you the case and your detective reputation. 

Difficulty: Medium

Likeness: 74%


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