Pandemic: Save the world before its too late!

Pandemic - Save the World


Team of heroes racing against time to save the planet from deadly diseases

Players: 2-4 players

Gametime: 45-60 minutes


Set up the game

  • Place the game board on a flat surface.
  • Each player chooses a role and takes the corresponding pawn and reference card.
  • Shuffle the infection cards and place them face down on the board.
  • Place disease cubes on the board according to the starting configuration.

Take turns

  • On each turn, players can take up to four actions, such as moving to a new city, treating disease cubes, or sharing knowledge with other players.
  • Players can also draw two cards from the player deck, which contains city cards and special event cards.

Manage disease outbreaks

  • If too many disease cubes accumulate in a city, an outbreak occurs and disease cubes are added to adjacent cities.
  • If too many outbreaks occur, the game is lost.

Discover cures

  • Players can discover cures by collecting sets of city cards of the same color and using them to cure diseases.
  • Once you cure a disease, it can no longer spread and can be treated more easily.

Win the game

  • You win the game by discovering cures for all four diseases before too many outbreaks occur.
  • You lose the game if the player deck runs out, too many outbreaks occur, or the disease cubes for any one color run out.

Here is a video from Becca Scott teaching us how to play Pandemic


A fantastic cooperative game to start your board game journey, Pandemic has all the ingredients to make it a fast-paced and nerve-wracking. The game boasts a well-designed board and high-quality components, such as vibrant disease cubes and player pawns. To succeed in Pandemic, it is essential to communicate effectively and use your powers wisely and at the right time. The game demands careful planning and decision-making, and utilizing your character/role to the fullest potential is crucial.

Difficulty: Medium

Likeness: 76%


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