Santorini: Greek gods power through the towers

Santorini - Greek Gods Using Their Powers


Greek gods are using their divine powers to challenge each other in building and climbing the towers

Players: 2-3 players

Gametime: 20-30 minutes


Set up the game

  • Place the game board on a flat surface.
  • Each player takes two workers and places them on the board.
  • Shuffle the God power cards and choose one for each player, which will give them a unique ability during the game.

Move and build

  • On each turn, the active player chooses one of their workers to move and one to build.
  • The worker can move up to one space in any direction, including diagonally.
  • The worker can then build one level of a building on an adjacent space, but cannot build on top of a dome.

Aim to win by moving onto the third level

  • The aim of the game is to be the first player to move one of their workers onto the third level of a building.
  • Players can also win by trapping their opponent’s workers so that they cannot move.

Use your God power

  • Each player can use their God power once per game, which will give them a unique ability to help them win.
  • Some God powers are used before moving or building, while others are used after.

Continue playing until a winner is declared

  • The game continues until one player moves one of their workers onto the third level of a building or traps their opponent’s workers so they cannot move.
  • If no player has won after a predetermined number of turns, the game is a tie.

Here is a video from Becca Scott teaching us how to play Santorini


Santorini is incredibly easy to learn and so competitive. Each player is racing to reach the top. In this chaos add divine and celestial powers and you have a perfect recipe for entertainment. The board, cards and meeples are pieces of careful craftsmanship which adds a sense of gratification. Although you can use different Greek gods each time you play, it might at times feel repetitive but nevertheless and amazing addition to your board game shelf.

Difficulty: Easy

Likeness: 70%


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