Horrified: Beat the monsters before they scare you off

Horrified - Stop Horrifying Monsters


Stop the horrifying monsters together from terrorizing your town before it is too late

Players: 1-5 players

Gametime: 45-60 minutes


Set up the game

  • Place the game board on a flat surface.
  • Shuffle the Monster cards and choose a number of Monsters to play with, based on the number of players and difficulty level.
  • Place the Monsters and Villagers on the board according to the setup diagram.

Take turns and perform actions

  • On each turn, players take one action, which can include moving their Villager, using a special ability, or picking up an item.
  • Players can also perform additional actions by spending their Item cards.

Defeat the Monsters

  • The aim of the game is to defeat all of the Monsters before they terrorize the town.
  • To defeat a Monster, players must use their Villagers to gather the required items and perform a specific action on the Monster card.

Manage the terror level

  • As the game progresses, the terror level will increase, making it harder to defeat the Monsters.
  • Players can lower the terror level by completing certain tasks or using specific Item cards.

Win or lose the game

  • The game is won if all Monsters are defeated before the terror level reaches its maximum level.
  • The game is lost if the terror level reaches its maximum level or if all Villagers are eliminated.

Here is a video from Rodney Smith teaching us how to play Horrified


Horrified is a classic cooperative board game with tons of variability and re-playability. Each monster has a unique challenge which requires different strategies and tactics. The game pieces are impeccable and gameplay is innovative. Horrified could be a great start to your board game journey, although can be a bit complicated to learn. Would recommend to watch the video. However, the best part is that you might recognize these monsters from movies which makes it all the more fun.

Difficulty: Medium

Likeness: 70%


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