Wingspan: Channel your inner David Attenborough!

Wingspan - Build your own bird sanctuary


Unveil new feathery friends with quirky abilities to create your very own avian sanctuary

Players: 1-5 players

Gametime: 60-90 minutes


Set up the game

  • Lay out the game board and place the birdfeeder dice tower on the designated space.
  • Shuffle the bird cards and create three face-up rows of cards in the corresponding habitats on the game board.
  • Place the egg miniatures and food tokens within reach of all players.
  • Each player receives a player mat, five action cubes, and a starting hand of bird cards.

Take turns and perform actions

  • The game is played over four rounds, with each round consisting of four turns per player.
  • On your turn, choose one of four possible actions: play a bird from your hand, gain food from the birdfeeder dice tower, lay eggs on your bird cards, or draw new bird cards.
  • Place an action cube on the corresponding action space on your player mat to indicate the action you wish to perform.

Play bird cards

  • When you play a bird from your hand, pay the required food and egg costs listed on the card.
  • Place the bird card on your player mat in one of the three available habitats: forest, grassland, or wetland.
  • Each bird has unique abilities that can be activated during your turns, contributing to your overall strategy.

Collect eggs and food

  • To lay eggs on your bird cards, spend food tokens matching the color of the eggs you want to place.
  • Eggs increase the point value of your birds and contribute to end-of-round bonuses.
  • To gain food from the birdfeeder, roll the dice in the tower and collect food based on the results. Choose wisely, as certain birds require specific types of food.

End-of-round scoring and final scoring

  • At the end of each round, players score points based on the birds in their habitats, the number of eggs laid, and achieved bonuses.
  • After the fourth round, players calculate their final scores, including points from bird cards, eggs, food tokens, and any bonus cards they obtained during the game.
  • The player with the highest total score is declared the winner and crowned the ultimate birder in Wingspan!

Here is a video from Rodney Smith teaching us how to play Wingspan


Wingspan is a game that’s like a magical aviary where colorful bird cards flutter to life, and your love for our feathered friends reaches new heights! You are a bird enthusiast, channeling your inner David Attenborough, as you embark on a journey to build the most remarkable avian sanctuary. From the moment you open the gorgeously illustrated box, you’re transported into a realm where birds are more than just creatures; they’re works of art with unique abilities and quirky traits. Each card is like a mini-biography of the featured bird, enticing you to discover their captivating stories and embrace the diversity of nature. Wingspan isn’t just about scoring points; it’s a captivating celebration of birds and their ecological niches. You’ll be strategizing and creating habitats like a pro ornithologist, carefully selecting birds that complement each other and provide delightful chain reactions of abilities. But be warned, the competition is as fierce as a territorial hawk, and you’ll find yourself wistfully eyeing those elusive bird cards your opponents have snagged. What truly sets Wingspan apart is its immersive gameplay experience. The birdfeeder dice tower adds a delightful element of chance, creating the suspense of what food will tumble out. And oh, the satisfaction of placing eggs on your feathered friends’ cards, transforming them into magnificent multipliers and earning end-of-round bonuses like a true bird whisperer!┬áTo win this delightful feathered battle, focus on building efficient habitats, mastering the art of attracting birds, and snagging those sought-after end-of-round bonuses. Every egg you lay and every bit of food you gather becomes part of your grand symphony of victory, so balance your actions wisely and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Difficulty: Difficult

Likeness: 88%


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