Azul: Portuguese palace needs beautiful walls

Azul - Embellish Portuguese Palace


Embellish Portuguese palace walls with beautifully decorated tiles

Players: 2-4 players

Gametime: 30-45 minutes


Set up the game

  • Place the game board and the factory display on a flat surface.
  • Place the four tile displays on the board, each containing four tiles.
  • Shuffle the remaining tiles and place them in a draw bag.

Collect tiles

  • On each turn, players choose one color of tile from a factory display or from the center of the table.
  • The chosen tiles are placed on the player’s individual player board.

Place tiles on your board

  • Players must place their collected tiles on their player board, following the specific pattern for each round.
  • Tiles can only be placed in a row if they are of the same color, and can only be placed in a column if they are of the same color and different from the other tiles in that column.


  • Players score points for each tile they place on their board and for completing rows and columns.
  • Players also lose points for any remaining tiles on their player board.

End of the game

  • The game ends when one or more players complete a row or column of five tiles.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Here is a video from Becca Scott teaching us how to play Azul


Azul has beautiful aesthetics with great quality components. It gives a sense of satisfaction holding the pieces and designing the walls. The negative point feature keeps you own your toes so try to avoid unnecessary drafting of tiles. It is simple to learn but competitive enough to keep you hooked.

Difficulty: Easy

Likeness: 73%


You can purchase Azul on Amazon here