Patchwork: Quilted quest for quirkiness

Patchwork - Quilting made easy


Imagine yourself as a quilt-making extraordinaire, trying to piece together the most beautiful patchwork creation

Players: 2 players

Gametime: 20-30 minutes


Set up the game

  • Each player takes a player board and receives five buttons (the currency of the game).
  • The central time board is placed in the center of the table, with the neutral token on space 2.
  • Shuffle the patches and randomly draw five of them to create a circular patch display around the time board.

Take turns and acquire patches

  • The game is played over a series of turns, with players taking alternating turns.
  • On your turn, you can either purchase a patch or advance your time token.
  • To purchase a patch, pay the indicated button cost and place the patch on your player board, covering the corresponding spaces. Make sure to leave no gaps!
  • The patches available for purchase are determined by the neutral token’s position on the time board.

Manage time and buttons

  • Advancing your time token moves you forward on the time board, but it also costs buttons.
  • The cost to advance depends on how far behind your opponent’s token is from yours.
  • Be strategic in managing your buttons and time, as running out of buttons or falling too far behind can lead to penalties.

Consider the Tetris-like puzzle

  • The patches come in various shapes and sizes, much like a Tetris game.
  • It’s essential to plan your patch placement carefully to minimize gaps and cover as much of your player board as possible.
  • Some patches also provide buttons or special abilities, so weigh the benefits when making your choices.

Score and win

  • The game ends when both players reach the last space on the time board.
  • Calculate your final score by subtracting the number of uncovered spaces on your player board from your total button count.
  • The player with the higher score wins!

Here is a video from Daniel McKinley teaching us how to play Patchwork


Prepare for a whirlwind journey into the world of fabric, buttons, and sewing madness. Patchwork is a game that takes the phrase “making quilts” to a whole new level of ridiculousness. Probably one of the best two player games, Patchwork is like Project Runway meets a fierce Tetris battle, but with quilts instead of fashion disasters. As you delve into the game, you’ll quickly realize that choosing the right patches is no easy task. You’ll be faced with odd-shaped pieces that make you question your sanity and wonder if you accidentally entered a quilting-themed labyrinth. And don’t get me started on those buttons—those sneaky little devils are like the currency of the quilt universe, causing more drama than a catfight at a knitting convention. You and your quilter frantically snatching patches, trading buttons, and giggling like schoolchildren as you try to outmaneuver each other. It’s a race against time and logic, where the goal is to create the most awe-inspiring quilt while secretly hoping it won’t end up looking like a mismatched mess that would make your grandmother cringe. The laughs continue as you strategically plan your patch placements, trying desperately to avoid those dreaded gaps that haunt your dreams. You’ll question your life choices and wonder why you ever thought quilt-making was a good idea, but hey, it’s all in the name of hilarity and entertainment, right?

Difficulty: Easy

Likeness: 87%


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