Secret Hitler: Form your Government with caution

Secret Hitler - Form your government with caution


An evening of political shenanigans that will leave you questioning your friendships and wondering how you got caught up in this hilarious mess

Players: 5-10 players

Gametime: 45-60 minutes


Set up the game

  • Place the game board in the center of the table.
  • Separate the liberal and fascist policy cards and shuffle them separately.
  • Assign each player a secret role card: liberal, fascist, or Hitler. Keep your role a secret!

Elect a President and Chancellor

  • The game begins with the election of a President, who will have the power to enact policies.
  • The President nominates a Chancellor from the other players.
  • All players vote on the proposed government by raising their hands. The government is formed if the majority agrees.

Enact policies

  • The President draws three policy cards from the top of the policy deck.
  • The President discards one policy face-down and passes the remaining two to the Chancellor.
  • The Chancellor chooses one of the two policies and enacts it by placing it face-up on the board.

Discuss, accuse, and strategize

  • After a policy is enacted, players discuss and analyze the actions taken.
  • Liberals aim to pass liberal policies and uncover the fascists, while fascists want to advance their agenda without being revealed.
  • Use deduction, logic, and keen observation to figure out who the fascists might be.

Elect new government, special powers, and win conditions

  • The next round begins with a new President and Chancellor election.
  • Special powers come into play as more fascist policies are enacted, such as the power to investigate, assassinate, or even control the government.
  • The liberals win if they pass five liberal policies or successfully assassinate Hitler.
  • The fascists win if they pass six fascist policies or if Hitler becomes Chancellor after three fascist policies have been enacted.

Here is a video from Jason Levine teaching us how to play Secret Hitler


What a hilarious and fun ride Secret Hitler is. A great party game which comes with lots of shouting, allegations and finger-pointing. Picture this: You and your friends are thrown into the political chaos of pre-war Germany, where liberal and fascist forces clash with a goal to implement policies. The beauty of “Secret Hitler” lies in the absurdity of the accusations and the wild theories that emerge throughout the game. Friends become foes, trust becomes a luxury, and you’ll find yourself questioning your closest companions. As the game progresses, tension mounts, alliances form and crumble, and accusations fly faster than a flock of angry seagulls. And here’s the best part: you’ll witness some of the most over-the-top performances from your friends as they try to convince everyone that they’re not Hitler, even though deep down, they’re secretly relishing the role.

Difficulty: Easy

Likeness: 93%


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