The Networks: Lights, Camera, Board Game Magic!

The Networks - Lights, Camera, Board Game!


Fellow TV moguls, rise and shine with a game that puts you in charge of your very own TV network. It’s like running a real TV station, but with less drama and more laughter.

Players: 1-5 players

Gametime: 60-90 minutes


Set up the game

  • Lay out the main game board in the center of the table.
  • Shuffle the Show and Season cards separately and create face-down decks.
  • Place the Advertisements and Network cards nearby.
  • Each player takes a Network Board, Score marker, and 10 million dollars in cash.

Build your TV network

  • At the start of each season, players draft Show cards from the available options. Choose wisely and consider their viewer appeal, genre, and special abilities.
  • Allocate time slots on your Network Board for your acquired Show cards. Each time slot has a different cost and capacity.
  • Remember to also hire Stars and place them on your shows to boost their ratings.

Earn money and viewers

  • Each turn, players choose one of three actions: Take a Show card, Take an Advertisement card, or Generate Revenue.
  • Taking a Show card lets you expand your network by adding new shows to your schedule.
  • Taking an Advertisement card allows you to earn money by selling commercial slots during your shows.
  • Generating Revenue is crucial to keep your network afloat. Earn money based on your show’s ratings, the number of commercial slots you have filled, and the star power on your shows.

Season end and Scoring

  • After each season, evaluate your show’s ratings and earn viewers based on their popularity.
  • Some shows have specific scoring conditions, so make sure to follow their guidelines.
  • Adjust your Score marker accordingly and consider any special abilities or bonuses from your Network cards.

Repeat and Improve

  • The game is played over a total of five seasons. After each season, reset the game board and repeat the steps.
  • Continuously strive to improve your network by acquiring better shows, hiring top stars, and securing lucrative advertisement deals.
  • At the end of the fifth season, calculate your final score based on viewers, money, stars, and bonuses. The player with the highest score wins!

Here is a video from Becca Scott teaching us how to play The Networks


You’re the mastermind behind your very own TV network in The Networks. It’s like being a TV executive, minus the hefty salary and fancy suits. Instead, you’ll be navigating the wild world of showbiz with nothing but a handful of quirky TV shows and a dream. Want to air a reality TV show about synchronized swimming cats? Go for it! How about a talk show hosted by a grumpy clown with a penchant for bad jokes? Absolutely! The weirder, the better. Just pray your viewers have a soft spot for the absurd. The Networks is a delightful blend of strategic decision-making and uproarious humor. It captures the absurdity of the entertainment industry with charm and wit. So gather your friends, unleash your inner TV mogul, and brace yourself for a night of laughter, unforgettable moments, and the occasional cancellation.

Disclaimer: No actual TV networks were harmed during the making of this review. Viewer discretion advised for excessive laughter and uncontrollable snorts. Enjoy responsibly!

Difficulty: Medium

Likeness: 83%


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